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Rue A.Ortsstraat 20-28
Brussels, Belgium
ph. +32 2/55 00 358
em. info@beursschouwburg.be


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Rachael Moore & Isaiah Lopaz Really Animated Conversations Volume II
Jerusalem In My Heart


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Transdisciplinary art centre Beursschouwburg evolves on the crossroads of creativity, reflection and questioning. As a key player in the Brussels art scene Beursschouwburg stimulates all kinds of interaction between the living arts, the broader cultural debate and social city life. A continuous dialogue is being developed between the artists, critics, professionals and audiences. A dialogue about the arts, but also about life, society and man. As a catalyst for both the creative expression of the individual artist and the active commitment of the audiences, Beursschouwburg feeds the everlasting search for meaning and significance, across every possible boundary of ideology, religion, culture and gender.


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